About us

READY Diversity Solutions has been a leader in the diversity jobs market and consulting business since 2000. We consult with some of the best diversity employers across a wide variety of industries such as manufacturing, education, non-profit, finance, healthcare, technology, and marketing from customer service jobs all the way up to high level executive positions. Because diversity training and education is such a niche market, we offer constructive training, investigation, attrition evaluations, on boarding, and corporate streamlining approaches unlike “big pond” organizations. An inclusive workplace is more important now than ever. Companies who show their commitment to embracing diversity will attract more highly qualified candidates than companies who do not. Maintaining a diversity hired workforce will also show that your organization has a high standard for ethics, which is crucial to your business’ reputation outside of the company and within. Workplace diversity refers to a place of business that employs men and women from multiple races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, age groups, and religious affiliations.

READY Diversity is a 100% Multi-cultural small business headquartered in Tigard, Oregon. Additional offices are located in California Pines, California, and Shenandoah, Iowa. We strive to provide a means for employers to find the best diversity solutions for any job position, with a particular focus on expanding on existing talent within their organizations in the areas of science, technology, education, medical, and health care fields.