Welcome to READY Diversity Solutions website! We hope that you not only explore the site, but that you interact with us in person!  You’ll notice on our calendar there’s a lot of activity in our office and we’d love to see you at some of our events. 

Our Office is always striving for transparency and creating an institutional culture where diversity, equity and inclusion are ingrained in everything we do. This year, we welcome new leadership, and are excited for the guidance and support offered by Jay Ready and his partner of 30 years Kirk Nyberg, our founders.  We’re implementing new programs and policies guided by the feedback we receive from Town Halls, and other opportunities to engage in dialogue around bias, privilege and oppression. One example is the new SSGA (Self, Social and Global Awareness) component of orientation to ensure that these topics are explored in a way that promotes self-awareness, competence and consciousness to establish cross-cultural relationships.  To ensure transparency and accountability around issues related to diversity, we release annual reports, analyze and centralize data, and perform research for quality improvement.  We want issues that affect our society and all the communities we identify with and serve to influence and shape the way we take action, the initiatives and programs we create, and the activities we support.

We look forward to getting to know you, whether it’s by studying and relaxing in our office, as a future Diversity Equity Inclusion fellow, recruiting with us, assisting with our pipeline programs or meeting you at different events.

Please allow our website to serve as a resource where you can access information on course work, research, services and programs all related to diversity and inclusion.

Happy exploring!